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Design boutique
specialized in weddings
& home decor

The Visual Romance is a graphic design boutique specialised in weddings and decor which offers, through its first 6 collections, unique pieces full of sensitivity.

The boutique combines in its designs both traditional and modern graphic elements and it incorporates in each piece the best selection of materials and finishes to achieve an elegant and put together aesthetic.

The Visual Romance has counted with the exceptional support of the designer Helena Mareque in its launch. Our admiration for the delicate work of Helena made us trust her blindly because she perfectly impersonates the sophistication and sensitivity of this boutique.

Helena Mareque has put together four stylings inspired by the design and concept of the first four collections of The Visual Romance: Flora, Victoria, Helena and Kaishi​​​​​​​. Thus, we managed to join two branches of design: graphics and fashion. The result is a different, unique and full of romanticism visual experience.

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