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Design course / invitation design for events

Meet María, your teacher and founder of The Visual Romance. She tells you a bit about her career as a designer and art director and shows you some of her sources of inspiration.

María starts by introducing you to the world of invitations. She teaches the importance of building a concept for an event, especially when designing. Then, take a look at some of the latest styles and trends in invitation design.

Work on the conceptual part of your project from a briefing. Begin looking for references, define the basic ideas and graphic style, and think of how to apply it to your invitations. Consider the color palette, typography, the use of symbols, and the general tone of voice.

With all the graphic elements defined, begin working on the invitation design and laying out your project. Learn who to select the perfect papers and finishes to best communicate your idea.

Apply your final design to a mockup so you can better visualize your invitations. Learn how to make the last adjustments and prepare final artwork that can be sent to press. Finish the course by getting some tips on how to present your project to your client.

Also in English, Italian, Portuguese, German, and French.

More info here.

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