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Victoria wedding Invitations / from 7,9 € unit

This wedding invitations (card and envelope) is part of the “Victoria” Collection. The collection is inspired by the embroidery and lace of white bridal gowns. The name of the collection refers to Queen Victoria.



Purchase options
(they differ in the choice of envelope):

“Basic” option (Victoria card + envelope with blue detail)  > € 7,90 unit.
“Romance” option (Victoria card + envelope with blind embossing)  > € 8,45 unit.




Victoria card (the card is the same in the 2 purchase options).
In an effort to create an object that matches the nature of the event, these invitations presents a luxurious treatment: “Blind embossing”. The blind embossing recalls the embroidery of the dresses. The blind embossing leaves an impression in the paper, using pressure instead of ink. Visual and tactile contrasts create text, images or patterns, playing with light and shadows on the surface of the paper. Measurements: Two papers of  16 × 16 cm pasted. Paper Rives Design of Arjowiggins (card: 250 g + 250g, envelope: 170 g). The pattern of this paper gives it a fine texture similar to the fabric of a dress.


“Basic” option: Envelope with blue detail (see photos below):
White envelope made and printing with a high quality (120 g). Measurements: 16,5×16,5 mm.


“Romance” option: Envelope with blind embossing (see photos below):
White envelope made and printing with a high quality (120 g). This envelope has an extra finish: “Blind embossing”.Measurements: 16,5×16,5 mm.



Send us an email to and we will send you a detailed budget.
You can choose the envelope that you love.
The Victoria invitations can be customised with the texts and information about your wedding.
More information at Buying guide.

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