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Sodatsu art print / 560€ unit

This picture is part of the “Kaishi​​​​​​​” Collection. Kaishi (開始) means beginning. The collection, through the flight of the birds,  represents the beginning of a new life. The title of the painting “Sodatsu” (育つ) means “to grow”.

This piece represents growth throughout life, both personal and as a couple.

Limited edition of 300.
Signed & numbered by the designer.
Medium: Screen printing with several inks, one of them is a metallic gold ink.
An artisanal printing technique called “silkscreen printing” has been used. The oldest serigraphic techniques come from the eastern culture, making this technique a thousand-year-old/ancient printing system. Thanks to this technique, the piece has an incredibly rich and vibrant colour.

Measurements: 65 x 65 cm.
Paper: Pop’Set of Arjowiggins (320 g).
The paper is characterized by a soft texture that makes the piece different both in appearance and touch.

The art print is sold unframed and carefully wrapped in silk paper to avoid damage during shipping. Delivery times: 2-4 weeks.

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